Bike Rack

Bike Rack

Regular price£500.00

We have also designed a bike rack for the RoadRower®

which can be easily attached to a car tow-bar and/or used as the perfect vertical storage stand, taking up minimal space.

Delivery is anticipated to be in March 2023

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Where will you row?

The RoadRower is the ultimate rowing vehicle. We built it for adventure and for those who seek new challenges. This is not an ordinary bike but rather an invention that gives you freedom to row anywhere, anytime, in any weather.

*No water required.

The RoadRower allows you to exercise at a high level no matter where you are. Built to simulate the body action of the water-based sport of rowing, but made to be used anywhere, any time.

All the benefits of rowing, without staring at a wall.

It combines the benefits of all forms of exercise, including running, cycling and swimming. Its biomechanical action turns regular pedals on the rear wheel, providing a smooth and responsive ride.

There's no limit to where you can row.

Designed to push your limits.

See the RoadRower in action...

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