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From our Founder
Rupert Cattell

“For more years than I care to remember I have sat on rowing machines in sweaty gyms staring at a wall. In fact I worked out that I have rowed more than twice around the world and have never left the gym! How boring is that?

But I did it because rowing is probably the best form of all over exercise you can take. It exercises over 90% of the body’s main muscle groups as well as the lungs and it increases bone density. However to get the most benefit from rowing you need to do it for at least 40 minutes a time and only head bangers like me can sit on a machine for that long, day in and day out."

"All those hours and kilometers on the machine gave me plenty of time to think. And I thought wouldn’t it be great if someone invented a bike that mirrors the rowing action giving you an all over body exercise for 40 minutes or more while out in the great outdoors and MOST IMPORTANTLY was fun... And that’s how the Road Rower was conceived!

Over seven years and eleven prototypes later, we are about to see the first RoadRowers coming off the production line and I could not be more excited to introduce them to you. Unlike a bike where you are hunched over the handlebars looking miserable and tense with a narrow saddle up your bottom, with the Roadrower you sit on a comfortable seat facing forwards and you pull back the handlebars with your arms while pushing the pedals away with your feet. It has an optional electric motor to assist you at the start and on hill climbs. The handlebars, brakes, motor and gears are all standard bike parts, as are the wheels.

You face forward with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair and you can ride it anywhere, anytime, while getting the best work-out you need.

How good is that?"

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