Went to Bristol on Friday to see the results of John’s endeavours. I took the RoadRower out onto the road for its maiden voyage and what a trip that was! Firstly its acceleration off a standing start is unbelievably quick..one pull and you are at running speed. The ride is really comfortable and you feel very stable. It takes about 2 minutes to get used to the steering as initially the mind takes a moment to connect that turning the handle is moving the front wheel, but as I say after a couple of minutes it’s completely intuitive. The brakes work perfectly and the gearing allows you to go up and down hills with ease. Passing traffic and little old ladies at the bus stop all stopped and stared! But the biggest emotion is that it’s just fun, it’s really easy to ride and the speed is very impressive. I got so excited with what I was doing that I pulled too hard and the cable came undone. The next thing we want to do is get some gorilla rowers onto it and ensure that we can test it to destruction. I can see this thing getting up to 40mph with a big boy in the driving seat and we need to ensure that it all works perfectly with that amount of power being used.

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